Casino Bonuses that Require a Deposit

Some casino bonuses are free, while others are on deposit, and the latter always pays better. If you want to win big at casinos, use rewards on deposit! Check out 1casino-bonuses to know more. Match or Percentage Bonus The most popular casino bonus on deposit is the match or percentage bonus. This reward gives you a certain percentage of your deposit back and is quite similar to cashback bonuses. For example: You deposit 100 coins in an online casino. The casino is offering players a 25% match bonus. This means you get 25 per cent of your deposit. This equals to an extra 25 coins cash prize. Match rewards are the most popular casino bonuses on deposit. They usually act as welcome bonuses to new players and regular promotions to current ones. The prize is often subject to wagering requirements and conditions. Loyalty Bonus or Cashback Another casino bonus on deposit is the loyalty bonus, and this is usually awarded to current or old players. The reward is used to keep players committed to playing at a casino and encourages them to bet more. For example, players might be asked to wager a particular amount of money during a specific time and get a percentage of the money back. It can be given randomly to the most consistent players on the site. Payment Method Bonus Some casinos offer a payment method bonus, which is awarded to you when you use a particular type of banking option to make deposits. There are many banking options used by casinos. They include: Credit or Debit card. E-wallet. Bank wire or transfer. Cryptocurrency. Phone bill. The most popular payment method bonus on deposit is for players using cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. Some online casinos also reward players for using a particular e-wallet. The reward is usually in the form of match or no-deposit bonuses. Referral or Invite Bonus One more casino bonus on deposit is the one placed on referrals. This is mostly used by upcoming casino sites looking to expand their list of users. The bonus is popular among players who want big wins. In this case, players are given a unique code which they use to bring other players. If their fellow player registers, they are rewarded with cash prizes or free spins. Here, the casino and player benefit. What to Consider Before Choosing a Casino Bonus on Deposit The first thing to consider before accepting a casino bonus on deposit is the wagering requirement, which states how many times you have to wager the cash prize. If you don't meet the conditions, you lose the bonus. You are given a bonus of 20 coins. The casino offers a wagering requirement of 40x. You have to bet 800 coins before the expiry date. Before accepting a casino bonus on deposit, you also have to read the terms and conditions of the online casino to ensure it is feasible. Also, ensure you are playing at a legal casino with many bonuses.

Introduction to Online Casino Bonuses

What is a casino bonus? That is the question that rings on minds of the most novice players. So what is it and why should we be concerned? Before we answer, visit to see some bonuses. What is Casino Bonuses? Well, a casino bonus is simply a gift from the casino site to the owners to appreciate them for choosing the site. Casino bonuses were introduced to bring a competitive advantage to the casinos. The size of the bonus depends on the market size of the casino. Different bonuses have different terms and coditions. Mostly, casinos with the biggest market share tend to have the highest amount of bonuses. That is why they keep attracting and retaining a larger audience. There are different types of bonuses available in different sites. Types of Casino Bonuses Welcome bonus is the most popular. It is given to the new players as a way to ease their time when they are new to the site. Bonuses are in the form of free money or free game. Another popular type of bonus is called no deposit bonus. A player claims such a bonus without the need to deposit any amount in their account. It helps the players to get familiar with different games. Different Ways to Earn a Bonus Different bonuses are given to different classes of players. For you to acquire such bonuses, you must perform different tasks. Here, we are going to discuss different ways you can get those bonuses. They include; Registering an account. Marketing the casino. Being a loyal and frequent player. Once you register and verify your account, you receive a welcome bonus directly to your account. You can also receive a bonus when you market the site through driving traffic to their blogs and youtube channels. The Wagering Requirement The wagering requirement is a trendy word in online casinos. So what is it? Well, it is the number of times you will need to play on a bonus before you can withdraw it or its winnings. Different bonuses have different wagering requirements. In most cases, the wagering requirement lies between 15x and 50x. There is no industry standard when selecting a wagering requirement. Here are the different reasons for putting a wagering requirement. To retain players for long. To avoid the misuse of bonuses. Can You Withdraw the Bonus? Well, most casino bonuses have a wagering requirement in place. Before you satisfy the wagering requirement, you can remit any bonuses or the winnings associated with that bonus. They will remain in a virtual account. However, there is a special bonus known as no wagering bonus. Such a bonus does not require you to meet any wagering requirements. All you need is to create an account and play on such a bonus.